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Thomas & Barbara

Denver, CO

Join the Cool Generation: “Our children and grandchildren got together and had a 'family&apo... read more


Quincy & Connie

Chicago, IL

“The delicate balance of mind, body and soul (and BUDGET) can be achieved here in Cuenca, Ecuador. We lo... read more


Joseph & Tiffany

Allagash, ME

Surfing: “My wife Tiffany and I from Allagash, Maine have joined many retiree expats living perma... read more


Gale & Veronica

Concord, NH

Tennis: The Lone Star state often gets passed by for the more famous retirement destinations like Flori... read more



Providence, RI

Gardening: “If you can not afford to live in the USA anymore, RETIRE ON MY BUDGET has the solutio... read more



Madison, WI

Learning to cook: “After my retirement as a building maintenance manager in Madison, I struggled ... read more


Karl & Trudy

Detroit, MI

Golf: “Until my wife Trudy and I signed up for 'Retire on my budget' we never thought t... read more


Zhang Wei & Li Xiu Ying

Kaifeng, China

Tai Chi: “Dear Retiree Friends: I hope our testimony will encourage you to join the Retire on my ... read more



Milwaukee, WI

Fitness: “Age is just a number. Old is only a 'state of mind.' You are what you think y... read more


Raphael & Sandy

Rochester, NY

Starting a business: “My wife Sandy and I live in Belize. We started our own business here. We ca... read more



Chicago, IL

Ballet: “Hello my name is Elizabeth. I'm 65 years of age and I was living a lonely life in C... read more


Steve & Betty

Minneapolis, MN

Fishing: “My wife Betty and I have always been a struggling couple with a single income. I worked... read more


Mike & Carol

Buffalo, NY

Biking: “My wife Carol and I are childhood sweethearts. We go back a long way. When we were kids,... read more


David & Linda

Boston, MA

Ride Jetsky: “We learned from RETIRE ON MY BUDGET that there are so many places in the world wher... read more


Dexter & Cinthia

Baltimore, MD

Learn to take pictures: “Once you are living in the moment that you have always dreamed about and... read more



Hartford, CT

Running: “All my life I lived and worked in St. Louis, USA. I was never married, never had childr... read more


Bernard & Rebecca

Indianapolis, IN

Skydiving: “No way! My husband and I are not the kind of Americans that take risks. We are not th... read more



Minneapolis, MN

Herbs and healing people: “In my later years as I started to near my retirement, I worried a lot.... read more


Mario & Alison

Portland, OR

Traveling: “We are retired and living in Bogota, Columbia near the expat community of many Americ... read more


Milton & Esther

Queens, NY

Volunteer: A few years ago, my wife and I retired. She was a former English Teacher and I, a Math Profe... read more


Tony & Juliet

Fargo, ND

Learn Yoga: “Never stop dreaming! Psychological death leads quickly to physical death. Stay young... read more


Barry & Eve

Miami, FL

Spending More Time with My Grandchildren and Friends: Barry and I are just your simple, blue collar cou... read more


Evelyn & Jacque

Glendale, AZ

Learning New Technology and Social Media: My husband Jacque is a retired police officer. I'm a ret... read more



Cincinnati, OH

Reading books I always wanted to read but didn't have time: My late husband Simon and I are Asian ... read more



Detroit, MI

Painting: Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, the one time Murder Captial of the USA. Life there was ... read more


Sid & Shelly

New York, NY

Singing: “For my husband Sid and I, reigning from the Jazz Mecca of New York City, NY, retirement... read more


Dennis & Gloria

Commack, NY

Dancing: “Gloria and I worked hard all our life for this moment. We had it in our minds that this... read more


Skip & Sandra

Seattle, WA

Retire on My Budget has a smart and 'cool' plan for everyone, irregardless of your budget. Whether you can aff... read more


Daniel & Mary

Cleveland, OH

Join the New Cool Generation: Our children and grandchildren got together and had a “family”... read more


Ben & Nancy

Los Angeles, CA

Affordable healthcare: Bottom line for many of us seniors who are of the conservative mind set, is AFFO... read more



Akron, OH

Playing Cards with Friends: After my wife passed, my children and grandchildren saw me wasting away in ... read more


Motty & Deborah

Baltimore, MD

The Sabbath, Keeping Kosher, Retaining Jewish Identity: For those of us on a fixed income after retirem... read more

Retire on my budget

1. About

About Project

Welcome to the new cool generation community where age is just a number!

"Retire on my budget" is a data ( information) provider solution that helps and gives a clear picture of how you can save money and live a happier, healthier and smarter life.

It allows you to compare the cost of living, health care, weather, pollution, crime and other stats worldwide.

Apart from this, it helps you connect to like-minded people in the city of your destination or globally.

"Retire on my Budget" utilizes the world's largest database for the cost of living.

You worked hard all those years, and you deserve it.

Begin the next chapter of your life and start doing what you always wanted to do!

By entering your monthly budget, your current city, your destination city - our database will immediately bring you to the comparison tool.

Here, you can compare living costs, apartment costs, utilities, healthcare, groceries, restaurants, transportation, sports, leisure, crime rate, weather, and so much more.

You will discover how much money you can save in your desired city or destination compared to the city you live in now.

2. Why Us

Why Choose Us?

We use the world's largest cost of living database

We use a crowd-sourced global database of quality of life, including the cost of living, housing, crime rates, pollution, healthcare, among many other statistics that updates regularly.

We use 6,756,428 prices in 9,871 cities entered by 556,767 contributors.

We do care!

We want to help and show you how you can live a happier, healthier life and save money by using the data we provide.

It equips you to make a well-informed and intelligent decision.

Click here to see what people are saying about the Retire on my Budget Community Project.

We connect you to like-minded, Cool People, experts and businesses (both locally and abroad)

We connect you directly to like-minded cool individuals who are already living your dream in a different part of the world.

The crucial information and connection will help you through the transition.

You'll also be able to find businesses (both local and abroad) that our Cool Community Members use and trust.

Individual Approach

Our Community Team Members (CTM's) operate according to the principle of individual approach.

We examine and analyze every client's interests, desires, and hobbies on a case-by-case basis.

This method helps us achieve the best results and success in fulfilling the dreams and desires of each individual.

The data we use was quoted by numerous newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Here you can find a partial list


3. Subscription Plans

Choose the plan you need

Retire on my budget Plan 1

Plan 1



1. You will be able to compare worldwide cost of living and data like local salaries, rent, groceries, restaurants, utilities, clothing, transportation, sports and leisure, childcare, buy apartment price and mortgage %.
2. If you're not sure what city or place you would like to move or retire no problem. You will be able to open the world map and see the cost of living in different countries and cities around the world.

Retire on my budget Plan 2

Plan 2



Includes Plan # 1 plus important reports on healthcare, crime, pollution, traffic. Weather and connecting to cool people like you with similar hobbies, languages, destinations, and monthly budgets coming soon subscribe to get updates.

4. Compare

Video how to compare prices in destination cities

Compare prices worldwide to make a well-informed, educated decision on where to retire and live happier and healthier!


I dedicate Retire on my budget project in honour of my parents and grandparents who taught me to be kind and helpful. That's the main reason why I started this project.

Ran Fridman

Founder & cool member of Retire on my budget community

My name is Ran Fridman.

By nature, I love to help people. It is because I feel good when I'm helping someone. Years ago, I started, and now I have begun another project to help others find happiness.

The Retire on my Budget project is created to help people retire happier, healthier, and smarter.

I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. However, I have lived worldwide for the past 30 years, including in the USA, Asia, and the Middle East.

I'm happily married to my lovely wife and have two beautiful daughters. In our family, we speak six languages and want to learn more. When we lived in different countries, I had opportunities to talk to people who retired in those countries.

When I told them about my idea for this community project, Retire on my Budget, they said they wished there was something like this when they were planning their retirement.

It would have saved them a lot of money, time, and stress and allowed them to find and learn from experts (both local and abroad) along with connecting them to businesses and like-minded people.

The data we provide for you in plan # 1 is free, but we still pay for this data. Please consider supporting our community. Click here to see how you can help.