Retire on My Budget would like to sincerely thank all of those clients who took the time to tell their inspiring stories here on our website about how Retire on My Budget helped them to succeed in making the most important decision of their lives to transform all their sorrows into joy. Dreams are made possible with Retire on My Budget" One can never discover new oceans until one has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
~ S.O.Q.

Thomas & Barbara

Denver, CO

Join the Cool Generation: “Our children and grandchildren got together and had a 'family' meeting 'without' my husband Daniel and me, to decide our future for us. They concluded that they each would put a little money together and conveniently put away my husband and me in a retirement home for senior citizens. Many retirees like my husband and I cannot survive on a limited retirement from SSI here in the big American metropolis of New Jersey. We said, 'No way and no thank you!' to the human storage proposal of our kids and grandkids. Now we wake up every morning and walk the peaceful beaches of La Paloma, Uruguay thanks to the people project of Retire on my Budget! Healthcare, medications, groceries, rent, transportation, EVERYTHING is more affordable here. We could never live the good life we're living now anywhere in America. We feel safer and more secure here than in the USA. Especially right now! Uruguay is a politically, economically, and socially stable and secure country. There is less economic disparity here. Uruguayan people are famous for their tolerance and inclusiveness and we feel very welcomed. We were amazed that young people actually seem to be looking out for our well-being as senior citizens here . They even stand up and offer us their seat if we ride the bus. If you are respectful of their culture and make an effort to learn some basic Spanish you love it and be very accepted here. No one feels like a stranger in Uruguay. Friendships and relationships are more important than schedules in Uruguay and we never feel lonely or in danger. You'll also find good quality medical care, safe drinking water, and good public transportation. When most of the world's economy was suffering from a global recession, Uruguay posted an economic gain. The Retire on my Budget program even showed us that instead of selling our house in New Jersey we were able to get a property management company who is renting our house out, long term to a nice tenant back in the states. With our income from that rental and our combined SSI my husband and I live here very comfortably for less than $3000 total expenses per month. After all this good news, if you still decide to retire in the USA on a limited income, good luck, and I'll send you my T-shirt, 'I LOVE URUGUAY!'”

Quincy & Connie

Chicago, IL

“The delicate balance of mind, body and soul (and BUDGET) can be achieved here in Cuenca, Ecuador. We love the U.S. and we see our family often; but we simply couldn’t afford to enjoy our retirement the way we are now. In Cuenca our life is filled with wonderful experiences. We have a twice-weekly housekeeper, we’re dining out more often, we both have memberships at the gym and yoga studio and enjoy a massage once a week, and we enjoy fresh healthy produce and fish for our meals at home. All of this is easily paid for with our Social Security checks. In fact we have money left over to travel to see other places here and around the world. We would have never believed any of this could have been possible, if it had not been for RETIRE ON MY BUDGET (magic plan number #3). We find ourselves living an overall better lifestyle here in Ecuador for only a third of our monthly budget back in the United States and shoveling snow and paying high heating bills is OVER!”

Joseph & Tiffany

Allagash, ME

Surfing: “My wife Tiffany and I from Allagash, Maine have joined many retiree expats living permanently in France. Why France? No, it's not what you think. We retirees and expats are NOT anti-American. No way. Truthfully speaking, it's just not affordable to retire in America for most of us common folk. It's just too expensive. The bottom line is, where can we live and GET MORE FOR LESS? Retire on My Budget will show you intelligent, comparative statistics where you can really get the MOST for your money and stretch your dollar. They have data, locations, and analysis to show you the best and the worst regarding each place. They provide you with info on contacts where you can meet up with other retirees and discuss the best options. For Tiffany and I the deciding factor is most financial. The fast pace of the American Dream, live fast die young is not for us. In our blue collar world, we work and work until we die! You have no time or money to live and enjoy life. Work takes up all your time. Wages are low and expenses are high. The American concept is 'YOU LIVE TO WORK!' There has to be a better way. In France, 'YOU WORK A LITTLE AND LIVE A LOT!' In America you only have a New York Minute to live your life. In France, your life belongs to you! All of it! Life in France is never rushed. Here we celebrate long lunches with fine bottles of wine, or picnics among the local vineyards. It's not expensive to live the good life in France and the gourmet pleasures here are divine! America is full of positives and negatives. But things have changed in the US, drastically, and for many of us, we just can't endure the cost or the current cultural trends. That's just our opinion. We live in a community here in Provence, France with many retirees from the USA who are happy and friendly and we all spend time together doing what we love, enjoying the beach, and TRYING to surf, which more or less resembles castaways floating on wooden debris broken off from a shipwreck! But here compared to any American city at the moment, there is less crime, less pollution, and excellent healthcare. Prices are fixed by the government, so you'll pay the same to see a doctor no matter where you are in France, and the quality of care is just amazing. Overall, the quality of life here is much better. France provides an idyllic retirement for those seeking the best of European living. France is full of affordable regions. Our total monthly cost for our living expenses here is around 2000 USD. We're eating fresh food, playing sports, spending more time with our adult children who live in different parts of the USA and even our grandchildren visit with us yearly. Since vacations were too expensive when we used to live in the USA, we only used to see our family once every 3 to 5 years, now we see them more often than when we lived in the same country. They love coming here. There is so much to do and see. The stunning scenery of the Brittany coast and the opportunities for a rich, fulfilling retirement can be found throughout the country. Retire on My Budget revealed to us all the facts, and we decided, it's practical and it's wonderful for us to stay here.”

Gale & Veronica

Concord, NH

Tennis: The Lone Star state often gets passed by for the more famous retirement destinations like Florida or Atlanta and even Arizona. But for my wife Veronica and me, it is our slice of heaven for retirement. We came to that conclusion after subscribing to Plan 3 of the RETIRE ON MY BUDGET service. We discovered that through RETIRE ON MY BUDGET tremendous analysis and harvesting of data that a very popular and GOOD choice for people nearing retirement is Texas. However, if you try to do this yourself it can be hard to find the best area for your specific needs and expensive if you will take too many pilot trips to test different areas out. You may be looking for the best places to retire near a major city, or you may be searching for the best tax rates to protect your savings. Whatever the case, RETIRE ON MY BUDGET can assist you to cut through the chase by bringing you directly to the finish line! Our idea for retirement was that it should be a place near in proximity to a major city, a place that has entertainment and athletic value. Even though my wife and I are in great health with no medical concerns, thank Heavens, yet for the future we thought it prudent that the place should have Medical accessibility and great healthcare options. Of course we have to be realistic about our finances as well so tax rate and the cost of living will also be a priority. Then, it had to be convenient, inexpensive and easy enough for other family and friends from our hometown to be able to come and see us and for us to also visit them. We had no children of our own but we have forged close ties with siblings and friends back home. Lastly it was important that it have recreational value with other amenities included. Texas is a tax-friendly state. That’s why many people consider making the move here. With no individual income taxes or state property taxes, Texas is a popular destination for both workers and retirees. So, for Veronica and I, Grandbury, Texas is the best place according to the reports and testimonies provided by RETIRE ON MY BUDGET , and we would have to agree. For her and me, Grandbury is the TOPS. The town is safe and just west of Fort Worth and only an hour away from Dallas. Seniors account for nearly 30% of the population here which made the decision easy for us to pack up and settle because of the many built-in retirement communities in this area. Lake Granbury has also become a popular spot for visitors from across the country during the spring and summer months because the weather is wonderful. We’re playing tennis 3 times a week now, and people notice how healthy we are and they tell us we GLOW. Grandbury has extraordinary sunsets and beautiful views with 229 sunny days and with 0 snow fall. The summer high is 96 degrees and the winter low is 33 degrees (compare that with New Hampshire). Grandbury has a yearly calendar full of festivals, parades, celebrations and activities. There are magnificent art galleries and museums, live entertainment (concerts, musicals and live theater). The City Park offers beautiful hiking/biking trails, disc golf, playgrounds and a dog park for happy puppies! There's the Acton Nature Center and the Dinosaur Valley State Park & Fossil Rim. For golf lovers, there are golf course communities with private and public courses. Those into water sports we have the City Beach with swimming, and rentals for kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, ski boats, wave-runners and bike rentals. There's a 103 miles of shoreline; 8,310 acres of neighborhood marinas with community boat docks, multiple public boat ramps and homes with private boat docks. There is great fishing right outside your front door for bass and catfish. There's sailing. We have a winery here and unique boutique shopping with local proprietors dealing in spices, wine, chocolates, jewelry, home decor, apparel, gourmet gadgets and unique foods. You can live very well here for just a little over $50,000 a year, and like a Rock Star for only under $80,000. Rents start from only $400 to $600 monthly, and with an monthly income of just $3,000, you can do very nicely here. All of this keeps the doctor away and blesses us to remain young and healthy, inside and out.


Providence, RI

Gardening: “If you can not afford to live in the USA anymore, RETIRE ON MY BUDGET has the solution. If you are planning to migrate out of America, and you have a ton of questions about whether or not you can afford to live a wonderful life (for less) somewhere else, RETIRE ON MY BUDGET, has the answers, the info, the prices and connections regarding living abroad. Their vast data bank of stats, knowledge and contacts can answer all your problems and concerns. My story: ‘I have worked hard my whole life and when I retired and felt the depression of being alone in my advanced years, I became hopeless and yearned to start a new life in a new place and do what I love to do best, gardening. I never had time for it before as a secretary with extended hours at the office, getting home late every night, working weekends. I didn't even have the time to make a potted garden in my window box. My apartment in Philadelphia didn't have any space, just a small metal balcony the size of an old phone booth and a box window in my living room. I never even had time to date and try and find a friend for life. On my small retirement check and SSI my neighbors told me I would never be able to escape the city and move into a bigger place. It became like a cement prison. Without proper funds, I was just stuck in my downtown studio apartment overlooking the freeway and rows of factories and dark clouds of pollution. It was hopeless. But, a former coworker introduced me to the service, RETIRE ON MY BUDGET, and before I knew it I was connected with expert contacts who had all the details and information to make my GREAT ESCAPE POSSIBLE! It happened like a whirlwind. I was on a plane to Portugal where I now live an active lifestyle with other retired Americans who came here seeking happiness in their golden years just like me. I have even met and FINALLY married a wonderful expat gentleman here. We live in the Algarve, for about ⅓ of what it would cost to stay in the states. We never exceed over $2800 here in our total monthly expenses for everything. All of this comes so late in my life. But, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! Now, I have one of the loveliest gardens and the greatest guy in the country. I live and breathe my freedom every day in this Garden of Eden. Portugal has topped the charts for the best places to retire through the years. This gorgeous country has something for everyone. One of the best places in the world for healthcare for senior citizens. The safety and the friendliness of the people here is unmatchable worldwide. Many Portuguese speak some English. For my husband and I, the people here became the primary reason we stayed. This is what the world was meant to be.. Thank you RETIRE ON MY BUDGET. Thank you for my NEW LIFE.”


Madison, WI

Learning to cook: “After my retirement as a building maintenance manager in Madison, I struggled with ill health and huge medical costs. My wife and I divorced and the Judge gave her the house leaving my daughter and I with nothing but despair and high medical bills, hospital debts that we would never have the money to repay. My life felt like it was over. My daughter, Dorothy, was helping me to make ends meet, because my Social Security checks were just not sufficient enough to live independently. She suggested we transfer to the Philippines where life was not too expensive and we could live with dignity and pursue our lifelong aspirations of becoming Chefs and cooking delicious Asian cuisines. So we followed our passion. My daughter and I learned all we could from native Filipino Chefs, and now here we are in the beautiful Philippines as ACR-I permanent residents, cooking delicious Asian recipes at a 5 Star Resort. I met a very nice Filipino lady and I feel happier, healthier, and stronger than ever before. RETIRE ON MY BUDGET provided all the info, details, and stats to make all of this happen! They have no idea how grateful I am for their services. My health has even improved 99% and I don't need medications anymore. Health care here is affordable, it's safe in Baguio City and my daughter and I live like royalty on only $1000 a month, and that's not even counting our combined incomes from the resort. Unbelievable right? Well, the unbelievable becomes REAL with the RETIRE ON MY BUDGET project. There are still some things in life are not too good to be true. Join up and see for yourself”

Karl & Trudy

Detroit, MI

Golf: “Until my wife Trudy and I signed up for 'Retire on my budget' we never thought the kind of life we envisioned for ourselves would ever be possible. Our combined monthly retirement was too small and all of our bills 'too high' to live a decent or safe life in Chicago at our age or anywhere in America. Heaven forbid if we would ever need medical or pharmaceutical care. In America, that would not be affordable for people like us. After pursuing the website Retire on my budget, we decided to abandon all our problems of doom and gloom and leave our troubles behind. Life is too short. We need to value the best our remaining retirement years and not waste it on stress. We took the first step to decide our own destiny and joined Retire on my budget. One step is all it took to succeed. But we learned from Retire on my budget that the worst risk you can take in life is to waste your life, and NOT take any risk at all. So, just GO FOR IT! Our friends and family said we were crazy! Now we play golf every Sunday in Vietnam and enjoy an active, problem free and abundant lifestyle. Who's crazy now? Vietnam has one the world's fastest-growing economies at the moment. Evidence of prosperity and growth are everywhere. There are medical facilities and shiny new hospitals with the latest equipment and affordable services and medications available which comforts our worries as seniors. Retirees can find a delightfully comfortable lifestyle here as it remains one of the least expensive countries on earth. We live in the mountain town of Dalat and easily stay within our budget of $800 per month and less, while other expats in Nha Trang enjoy a 'rich life' for only $1,000 per month. My wife and I are able to live well on just my social security alone. English proficiency is very high here and our age is never a social barrier, because the locals are warm and friendly. Simply put, Nam is ideal for us with wonderful people and excellent scenic landscapes. Another plus is we see different members of our family more than once a year who crave the exotic adventure to visit us here, because Airlines have ridiculously low promotional fares to come here all the time. Our life here is without worry and stress free. That's the way it should be at our age. This was the best decision we ever made, just for 'us'.”

Zhang Wei & Li Xiu Ying

Kaifeng, China

Tai Chi: “Dear Retiree Friends: I hope our testimony will encourage you to join the Retire on my budget program. Their help was invaluable for my wife and me. If you are not certain of where to retire, let them open the world to you so that you may see the cost of living in different countries and cities, Health Care, Crime, Property Prices, Traffic and Pollution and overall Quality of Life. They will link you to like-minded people who share in common your desires. You can ask questions of experts who live in the area. They can help you find housing and connect you to local businesses. They have it all! Our story: We left Kaifeng about 30 years ago to come to America. We sacrificed and suffered. We took a lot of risks and faced danger just to get here, and we will never leave. We worked far too hard and too long to get to the USA to pursue the unique philosophy of democracy. Something we did not have in China. We never looked back. We never turned back. When my wife and I first arrived, we had to stay in Flushing, New York. We worked in a pharmaceutical laboratory. After retirement, my wife and I decided to leave the harsh cold reality of New York and we decided to retire to Chinatown in San Francisco where we live the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, American and Chinese! Because we are Chinese and we are American. Retire on my budget completely acquainted us with all the realities of San Francisco and familiarized all the details to us that it made us feel as though we had already been there. With all the knowledge that Retire on my budget imparted to us, we were able to make the transition very smoothly. Knowledge conquers all fear, and Retire on my budget equipped us with all the knowledge we needed to finalize our decision to retire in Chinatown, San Francisco. My wife opened up a small Chinese restaurant because she loves to cook. My passion is Tai Chi, 太極 which means The Source, The Beginning, and is even prescribed by the Mayo Clinic for stress reduction and a variety of other health conditions. The benefits of tai chi are decreased anxiety and depression, improved mood, increased energy and stamina, balance and agility, muscle strength and definition, enhanced quality of sleep, strengthens the immune system, and it will lower your BP. Now that I am retired I workout for an hour each morning and am conducting classes in the park for other retirees in the community or for anyone else that is interested. As they say in the USA, my wife and I are doing our thing! I enjoy the social aspects of teaching Tai Chi to my fellow seniors, so I practice this therapy at the same place and at the same time every day as a part of my daily retirement routine and I enjoy it immensely. From the 道 'The Way' of Tai Chi, one never retires because it promotes longevity of life. I am grateful for all the expertise, advice, and suggestions regarding retiring in Chinatown, San Francisco. This has been a major tourist attraction for more than 150 years in America and is the oldest Chinatown in America. There are others, but this was best for my wife and me. It has been around since 1849, making it older than California's statehood. This thriving community has always lived and worked here. It's a very unique Asian, American experience. Everyone that has come here came in search for a better life, and Lilly and I have found it! This is home to Asian Americans or anyone else who wishes to preserve and continue our traditions, while living as good American citizens. Of course life here in San Francisco is very expensive. The cost of living is very high. But, it's worth it. The weather is beautiful and very invigorating. The scenery is breathtaking and inspiring. One feels a renewed ambition each morning to live life to the fullest everyday! The healthcare options are unlimited and the care, treatment and service receives platinum praises from seniors. The pluses outweigh the minuses in every category. It is a place of beauty, motivation, cultural diversity and friendship. It is Nirvana for a retiree like Lilly and me. We see our children and grandchildren often who prefer to visit here and escape the vicious winters of New York. Our combined retirement of $12,500 monthly makes life comfortable for us in Chinatown. We highly recommend the services of Retire on my budget so that you may also benefit and discover the way to begin living a greater, healthier and happier life!'”


Milwaukee, WI

Fitness: “Age is just a number. Old is only a 'state of mind.' You are what you think you are. When I stopped working at the call center, my social security checks were so small that I also had to supplement my SSi with Food Stamps, County Health Care, Section 8 Rental Vouchers and HUD Housing, Food Boxes from St. Mary's Food Bank, and on and on. I felt a loss of self esteem, self worth and self-confidence. I was so lonely and depressed and I finally said, 'I cannot live like this, and I will not live like this!' I decided to reclaim my life. That's when I found the project of Retire On My Budget, and I joined up, relocated to Penang, Malaysia and regained my dignity, self respect and pride again for only $1500 a month, total. Service, people, products, healthcare is awesome here. Worry and hassle free. You would not believe the life I enjoy here compared to the life I endured in the USA. Here in Malaysia, I concentrate on fitness, and staying happy and healthy. Here, I can afford a higher quality of life. I work out 3 days a week, socialize, tour the islands, go diving, dating and horseback riding. Just when you think you CANNOT retire on your budget, Retire On My Budget shows you that you CAN!”

Raphael & Sandy

Rochester, NY

Starting a business: “My wife Sandy and I live in Belize. We started our own business here. We can't believe it, but our life and our success here in Belize is greater than the life we had in New York City, USA. After our retirement in America, we were miserable. We thought we would never escape NY, NY. The cost of living there was just impossible. We just didn't have the kind of retirement money that would ever make life easier for us in the states. We feared dying in New York, hopeless and penniless. We finally said, 'why are we living like this, what about all our dreams?' We found Retire on my Budget. And now here we are loving life and prospering in Belize. Routine healthcare is far more affordable in Belize than in the US. Pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals can be found everywhere in the country, with no long waits to be seen by a doctor. We feel safe and secure here, local groceries and our utilities are very cheap, and it's a BIG PLUS that we are staying here for about $1200 a month. As the saying goes, 'JUST DO IT! Change your life, change your luck, change your location. Reach out to Retire on my Budget, they make it all possible.'”


Chicago, IL

Ballet: “Hello my name is Elizabeth. I'm 65 years of age and I was living a lonely life in Chicago when my husband passed away after 40 years of marriage. I'm on social security and I did not have much money saved up for retirement. I was depressed but I came across the Retire On My Budget project and got very excited about the possibilities to live somewhere exotic, and I started to browse their site and found Merida City in Mexico, where I live a very good life for less than $ 1,000 per month. The life that I have now would have never been possible for me in Chicago. As a single woman I feel much safer here than in the USA, and most especially Chicago where crime is rising more and more every day. Using the Retire On My Budget platform even helped me to rent out my vacant house in Chicago, so I didn't have to sell the property. I found on their website a real estate management company that allows me to get additional income from the rental of my former house and now I even save money for doing things I love, which helps me cope with the pain and loss of my husband. I discovered that healthcare here in Mexico is far more affordable than anywhere in America. You don't even need health insurance, and for most medications I don't even need a prescription. My children and grandchildren visit me more often now than when I lived in Chicago. Now, I enjoy my life to the fullest.”

Steve & Betty

Minneapolis, MN

Fishing: “My wife Betty and I have always been a struggling couple with a single income. I worked as a minister and she raised our 4 children, who are all grown up now and married. We have 9 wonderful grandchildren. They come often to visit us here in Costa Rica where there is no shortage of hotels, resorts, and things to do. On my single income retirement of $3,000 a month, we just can't believe how comfortably we live here in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica renting a two-bedroom home with North American amenities, AC, fresh groceries, entertainment, transportation, and healthcare. It's a very relaxed lifestyle with every comfort. We go fishing 3 times a week and just spend our days and evenings enjoying the beaches, one another and our lives; something that would have never been possible in Michigan, USA where we lived in hardship and difficulty all our lives. The people of Costa Rica are warm, friendly and educated. So it's safe. Costa Rica abolished their military and put all that money into their education system and health care, resulting in medical access for all citizens and legal residents. Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social the national medical program is available without pre-existing exclusions or age disallowance making it easy to find healthcare no matter where you choose to settle. Costa Rica has an unusually high population of centenarians ( people who are 100+ years of age). Ten times greater than in the U.S. We have a very healthy diet here, natural calcium-enriched water, sunshine, active lifestyles, good friends who are very caring and faithful contribute greatly to longevity. It is no surprise to hear reports about expats who come here and lose unwanted weight, and are now taking fewer prescription drugs, and have overall better health of mind, body, and spirit. We are grateful for the platform of Retire on my Budget for making the 'impossible dream' possible!”

Mike & Carol

Buffalo, NY

Biking: “My wife Carol and I are childhood sweethearts. We go back a long way. When we were kids, we loved biking together every weekend and enjoying picnics and nature. After we graduated college we moved to Buffalo, New York and worked all our lives in the hectic environment of a highly polluted, unsafe, congested, concrete jungle. For almost 50+ years we never enjoyed biking or picnics again. We hardly had time to eat dinner together. After our retirement, with our small pensions, we just became hopeless and felt trapped in the frozen city of Buffalo, and that's when we discovered Retire on my Budget. With all the knowledge, details, and wisdom that their service provides, it was super easy to make an informed decision, and we left all our troubles and worries in the USA behind us and started a wonderful new life in Concepcion, Paraguay, for less than $300 for rent per month and for only $1500 totally for all our monthly expenses combined. Now every day we enjoy biking, fresh air, fresh vegetables, nature, and each other's company. Paraguay is safe, secure, and a charming country in South America with perfect year round weather. The cost of living a comfortable lifestyle here is unbelievably low. They have a very modern healthcare system and excellent private hospitals which offer very affordable services to everyone. Paraguay's permanent residency program is simple and quickly achieved. Life is too short to not be able to live it the way you want to. Don't waste a single breath, join Retire on my Budget, and start living the LIFE you LOVE today! Let them help you with all the facts and research so that you can live and breathe your dreams!”

David & Linda

Boston, MA

Ride Jetsky: “We learned from RETIRE ON MY BUDGET that there are so many places in the world where you can live the kind of lifestyle you fantasize about on a very limited income from a tiny American pension plan. Our children and grandchildren told us that it wasn't safe for us to go to a foreign country to live out our senior years. But, judging from the news lately, I will ask, is America a safe, happy, and healthy place to live. Then they told us we were too old to take care of ourselves alone. ' But we learned from RETIRE ON MY BUDGET that 'old' is only a state of mind. 'Old' is a promotion of sorts, like a graduation or an upgrade in life. Look at us, are we old? We go whale-watching and Jetsky twice a month on the beaches of Puerto Lopez, Ecuador where we live year round and watch the giant green tortoises as they slowly enjoy and march through life. Our children and grandchildren visit us here easily and inexpensively and we see all of them more often now than we did before, because they love vacationing here. Flights are cheap and resorts are abundant. Ecuador offers tremendous diversity, including all the conveniences of modern living, high-speed fiber optic internet, and they use the American dollar currency here, the weather is perfect year-round, there's good public transportation, and affordable healthcare, medicine and housing. Larger American retiree communities are in Salinas, with its beaches lined with modern condos and many stay in Cotacachi, a small village where craftsmen are making exotic colored loomed products and leather creations for your every need. My wife and I live wonderful and fulfilling lives for just $1650 a month, and that includes everything, TOTAL! Living like this in the USA would only be possible if I was a member of the Forbes community of the rich and famous. Our advice to others is, 'Be cool and make your move, it's your life, make the most of it while you can, or one day you'll wake up in a nursing home because everyone said you're too old.'”

Dexter & Cinthia

Baltimore, MD

Learn to take pictures: “Once you are living in the moment that you have always dreamed about and prayed for, you better capture that moment with a photo. That specific moment may never come again. A snapshot in time is a chapter in the journey of your life. My husband and I resisted the temptation to give-in and give-up when our adult children announced that they thought it best to place my husband Dexter and I in a Senior Citizen Care Center. We told them that we were intrigued by a project called “Retire On My Budget” … you simply pick a country, where you would love to live your ‘best life' and you compare that country to the place where you currently reside. If you're not sure where you want to go, it will help you figure out where you can settle in this world to live a greater life on the budget you can afford. The “Retire On My Budget” platform will provide you with all the logistics on affordability, like prices on rent, owning a house, utilities, grocery costs, medical and pharmaceutical care, safety, stability, security, technology, transportation, people, culture and FUN. It hooks you up with all the right people, experts, expats, places and information to assist and aid you in making the best decision as to which country suits your needs and your desires. If you already own a house in the US or wherever, “Retire On My Budget” will even help you rent out your property as an asset for additional income that you can use while living abroad. We learned from the “Retire On My Budget” program and from personal experience that there is a huge American expat community living fantastic lives here. My husband and I decided to settle in Larnaca, Cypress. We are renting a private house for only $350 monthly. Our electric bill never goes over $150 a month. Our grocery bill is about $400 monthly. The weather here is gorgeous. About 80% of the people speak very good English The crime rate is very low compared to our neighborhood in Baltimore USA. Cypress has it ALL, amazing scenic views, amazing culture and people, amazing atmoshere and benefits and is rated as the 5th safest country in the world. Hospitals here rank the best among the rest. Before my husband and I relocated to Cypress, our kids told us to stop dreaming and ‘get real.' They said our dreams were ‘crazy and foolish talk.' Well, we decided to dream our dreams anyway, and now all our prayers are ‘for real.' We may be fools, but we're happy fools, and our adult children and grandchildren can come anytime to visit us here in our dreamland or we can email them plenty of photos!”


Hartford, CT

Running: “All my life I lived and worked in St. Louis, USA. I was never married, never had children, and was too shy to meet others. My social life was very limited and so were my choices and options after my retirement. My retirement pension and social security checks did not afford me to live the kind of life I desired to live in the USA at this stage of change in my life. I finally had enough and decided to come out of my shell. Season after season, holiday after holiday, I was tired of being lonely. I finally asked the clergy from my congregation, “If in fact, there is someone for everyone, where is mine?” He answered me and said, “Maybe she's not here, maybe she's somewhere out there in the world, waiting for you. Explore France. France is a very romantic place.” I told him, “With my monthly checks, I can't afford to explore!” That's when he told me about the program, Retire on My Budget, and said, “No matter how little your retirement is, the team at Retire on My Budget can hook you up with the right people, the right activities, and the right place.” He was right! Amen, I met the love of my life, my very soul mate, the most romantic woman in the most romantic place in the world. We were married, and here I am, living in France with my lovely Mrs., and we enjoy a very out-going, healthy lifestyle (Mercy mercy, I'm even jogging 3 times a week) WOW! Now that's a BIG Miracle for SURE! I thank G-d everyday for my new life and for introducing me to the program Retire on My Budget! that started it all for me! Within just a few hours, Retire on My Budget gave me expert advice, information, and even connected me to other retirees who shared all their experiences with me regarding France. In only the first hour or two, Retire on My Budget gave me the most important data to help make the best decision of my life:

  • France is an amazing and delightfully diverse country that offers retirement options for every budget.
  • Opportunities for an abundantly fulfilling retirement can be found everywhere in France.
  • Life is never rushed or dull in France and heartfelt care is taken to make sure that each day is lived to the fullest.
  • Enjoying a rich French lifestyle is not expensive.
  • There are affordable regions all throughout France. A couple can live comfortably here for $2,083 to $2,483 a month. My Mrs., and I are living nicely on less than $2,000 a month.
  • France has a top-notch healthcare system considered one of the very best in the world. Residents here enjoy high-quality care at cut-rate prices. After living here for just three months, expats are eligible for universal coverage. There are no age restrictions or preexisting condition limitations, everyone is eligible for healthcare.
  • France is paradise. The locals are gracious and welcoming. Each region is more beautiful than the next, and with the country's high-speed rail service, exploring the best of France is only a train ride away.
  • You will never get bored in France. There's no shortage of things to keep you active and you'll find an endless list of hobbies and activities to take part in—cooking classes, arts and crafts, outdoor clubs, and volunteer opportunities and JOGGING.
  • France provides an idyllic retirement for those seeking the best of European living. Retire on My Budget equipped me make the most important, life-transforming decision I ever made, and I have never regretted it or looked back.”

Bernard & Rebecca

Indianapolis, IN

Skydiving: “No way! My husband and I are not the kind of Americans that take risks. We are not the adventurous type. Here in Florida, we eat at the same restaurant, shop at the same store, drive the same old car and live in the same old house for the last 46 years. We play it safe. Planning, organization, everything we do has a high percentage of predictability. We are quiet, conservative, and introverted. Until recently. Surfing the internet with our granddaughter, (the only kind of surfing we cared to do), brought us to a website, Retire on my budget, and something awakened inside my husband and me. We looked at eachother and asked one another, ‘What have we done with our life? Are we really living our best life? Or are we barely breathing and calling it a life?' When we saw the beaches and the scenery of Panama on our granddaughter's computer, we fell in love with the place. It was perfect. There are no hurricanes in Panama and it's not disaster prone. They use the American dollar. Many speak English. The Doctors and healthcare are state of the art and you can live very well on less. Folks never run out of things to do. Every art form is celebrated. In Panama we have the Pensionado Program which is the best retiree program in the world and it's open to everyone whether you are a citizen or not. Across the board you get amazing discounts from medical expenses to entertainment. You can seriously stretch your dollar. People don't realize that Panama's famous Pensionado discounts are by law given to all who qualify by age—expat or Panamanian. When women reach age 55 and men 60, they can start availing of all the benefits that the Pensionado provides. Panama is very near to the US so we can see our family as often as we like. They prefer to come here though, and usually do. Can you believe, my husband and I, the most inactive, unsociable, undaring duo of the century? Now we are skydiving together and even engage in low-impact water skiing from time to time and have a very busy social schedule with other retirees just like us. My husband and I are living proof that even though we're a couple of late-bloomers, late out of the gate, it's never too late to start living your best life!”


Minneapolis, MN

Herbs and healing people: “In my later years as I started to near my retirement, I worried a lot. As a widow, I worried about my safety, my health, my security and my finances. I was never free from worry. I would wake up in the morning and worry. I would go to bed at night and lay awake with worry. My wonderful husband was gone and the worries became more chronic. Matt had passed away the very day after his retirement. It was unexpected. It was a shock. It was a cardiac arrest. The doctors told me, if Matt would have retired 10 years ago from his stressful job, my husband would still be alive today. But, how could we retire early without sufficient SSI built up, savings or a pension big enough to make that happen in an expensive city like San Diego, USA? Impossible. I met another widow, who like me, lost her husband who worked himself into an early grave just like my Matthew. She introduced me to a brochure titled, RETIRE ON MY BUDGET. I placed that brochure in my Holy Bible, prayed about it, and then I joined their program and found an amazing opportunity to live in Thailand. I sold my car, my house, and I retired early, relocated to Thailand, opened a small business, and here I am in my own local herbal shoppe providing ready-made, herbs, teas, vitamins, spices, minerals and Thai medicinal supplements for wholesome healing and natural cures to keep people young, healthy, happy and strong. I'm SAFE, FINANCIALLY SECURE, IN GOOD HEALTH, STABLE and no longer worried. Problems solved. I'm always busy here with wonderful and colorful cultural activities and passionate about my prospering business and new life. I only wish Matt was here to enjoy all this with me. He would have loved it.”

Mario & Alison

Portland, OR

Traveling: “We are retired and living in Bogota, Columbia near the expat community of many Americans who retired here for the same reasons we did. TO SAVE MONEY. Our expenses here are 65-70% less than when we lived in Portland, Oregon. We bank a ton of money here which gave us the opportunity to travel the world and see sites we never dreamed possible in one life time. Next, we will be traveling to see the Pyramids of Egypt. Retire on my budget has helped us from the time we first left Portland to reside in Columbia, and our membership plan with them continues to help us yearly as we travel to see new places around the world!”

Milton & Esther

Queens, NY

Volunteer: A few years ago, my wife and I retired. She was a former English Teacher and I, a Math Professor in Queens New York. At first it was fun to have so much time and freedom during our retirement. It was very liberating. We traveled around the USA in our RV for about a year and eventually we started to despair, because it felt like our life was losing meaning and purpose. We missed that feeling we used to get when we were teaching, that satisfaction of helping other people and making a difference in their lives. Eventually we left the US and settled in Cebu of the Philippines. We were volunteers there for a few years and it was very rewarding. Then as our volunteer assignment ended, and we met Mr. Ran Fridman, founder of RETIRE ON MY BUDGET. He too was a volunteer, like us, in Cebu. We stayed in touch over the years, and we told him we were looking for another volunteer adventure anywhere in the world. With the amazing data analysis of our Plan from RETIRE ON MY BUDGET, it was easy to come to a conclusion. Through Ran Fridman's RETIRE ON MY BUDGET there are infinite options of volunteer projects abroad to choose from for retirees over age 50 in Ecuador, Nepal, and Cambodia, even the Galapagos Islands. We decided to permanently settle and volunteer in Quito, Ecuador assisting with early childhood development and education. My teaches children English, and I teach Math. We feel happy here knowing that we can contribute to the progress of young, eager students. When we’re not volunteering we spend our free time enjoying the natural and cultural attractions of Ecuador. We like to visit the many fresh fish, vegetable and fruit markets, the parks, historical museums and architectural sites in Quito, or travel north and see Otavalo, an Indian village and market, or experience the awe of the natural beauty of the cloud forest in Mindo. There’s also a hike up the 16,000-foot Cotopaxi Mountain, or the Galapagos Islands. Ecuador is a very safe place to retire. In Ecuador we feel less stress and are more relaxed than when we lived in the U.S. In general Ecuador is a very safe place. Retirement in Ecuador means living well for about a third less than the cheapest city in America. Easily you can live an excellent life on just $20,000 a year.

Tony & Juliet

Fargo, ND

Learn Yoga: “Never stop dreaming! Psychological death leads quickly to physical death. Stay young in heart and you will be youthful for the rest of your long life! When I see the life of my wife Juliet and me, I just can't believe where we are and what we are doing. Of all places, we retired in Colombia and we were surprised to meet other Americans who succeeded to do the same! We are surrounded with positive and supportive people who are just like us in age and we share similar values & views on life. We're even learning Spanish! Obtaining a new language is like obtaining a new soul. It also keeps the mind sharp and young. We even found a Yoga instructor here because even if you are 72 now and look 35 on the outside it is more important if you are 72 on the outside but feel 35 on the inside! The longer you can stay young in heart, the longer and healthier you will live, and you will look and remain psychically young too! Our life is just amazing now, thanks to RETIRE ON MY BUDGET who gave us all the details, info, and guidance we needed to make this tremendous journey of transition and transformation with our limited budget. Funny thing is, we see our adult children and grandchildren more often now than we did when we lived in the USA”

Barry & Eve

Miami, FL

Spending More Time with My Grandchildren and Friends: Barry and I are just your simple, blue collar couple. Happily married for 50 years. We worked hard all our lives. We struggled just to make ends meet month to month and to support our 5 children. The kids grew up, married, moved away and had children of their own. When Barry and I retired, we knew we could never remain in Miami, Florida. Too expensive. We also didn't want or expect our children to support us. We had no desire to downsize and live poorly in a low income or problematic area of Miami. We loved the weather in Florida, the beaches and the outdoors, and although Miami is a great place to retire and many folks with money go there, we realistically had to accept we would not be able to afford it. So our dilemma was, where could we retire, with nice weather and a decent lifestyle and be near to our kids and grand-kids in Florida? Retire on my Budget was a great revelation, and it gave us all the knowledge we needed to make all the right decisions and go and meet all the right people. We decided on Colombia, The City of Eternal Spring, (flowers of every kind are in blossom everywhere, all year round) because the climate is perfect and I save a ton on energy bills. Columbia is The Land of the Best Beaches where the Pacific and the Caribbean collide with the Andes Mountains and the Amazon rain-forest. Best of all, we are only a 3 hour flight from Miami, Florida. Our kids come here all the time to visit us and to shop, and the most wonderful of all is that our grandchildren spend the entire 3 months of summer with us here. There are cheap, nonstop flights into our major cities of Armenia, Barranquilla, Bogotá, Cali, Cartagena, Medellín and Santa Marta, and so we see our family frequently. More and more retirees are moving here to start new lives in this beautiful country. Some come here to continue generating income. They love employing Americans here, and most start their own businesses. Colombia offers something for everyone. They have modern products and services you would never expect. They also have high-quality healthcare at a low cost with easy access for expats. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks Colombia's health system at number 22 in the world, Canada at number 30 and the U.S. at number 37. Retirement visas are relatively easy to get and your buck goes can stretch much further in Colombia. A couple can live in many cities around Colombia for $2,000 per month or less. You can get health insurance here significantly cheaper than in the U.S. by about 70% less. One of the most endearing virtues about the country is the warm, welcoming Colombian people. We have formed enduring friendships here with many of our Columbian neighbors and other retirees from around the world . Don't let a lack of Spanish keep you from living life here. No matter what language you speak, you'll always feel as part of the community. The dark days of Colombia's past are over, and it has become an enchanting country.

Evelyn & Jacque

Glendale, AZ

Learning New Technology and Social Media: My husband Jacque is a retired police officer. I'm a retired Real Estate Agent. We have 2 sons, 1 daughter, 6 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. When the time came to retire, we thought about Florida, San Diego and Reno, Nevada. We joined the Plan #3 of Retire on my Budget and it supplied us with all the sober facts about where to retire. Nevada's property taxes are higher than Arizona. Crime and Gambling go hand in hand, and gambling usually attracts certain kinds of other personalities that my husband and I are not particularly attracted to. We want to settle in a place where people think alike so that we are compatible. When it comes to comparing cost of living, Arizona beats San Diego in housing costs which are 240% less than San Diego. Overall, it is 73% less expensive to live in Arizona than it is in San Diego. That's quite a big difference. Florida is one of the most popular retirement destinations in America. The high humidity and the moisture factor makes it difficult if you have asthma. Many parts of Florida are susceptible to hurricanes along the Gulf Coast. Housing costs are lower in Arizona by 40% and when I say 'Arizona,' I'm talking of course about a retirement destination named Sun City, the original 55+ community. Sun City, Arizona is not just a retirement community or a little private senior neighborhood. It's an entire city with strict age limits. A city where everyone (all 46, 000 people) are retirees from 55 and up. It is the first intentionally-planned 55+ retirement community in the United States. Founded in 1960 by the Mr. Dell Webb. For over fifty years this community has managed to surpass all hopes and expectations. The entire city is senior-friendly, and has plenty of interesting things to do and wonderful neighborhoods. If you're looking for a chance to start the next stage of your life in comfort, retiring in Sun City, Arizona is the best move for you. The average retirement income here is about $33,000 per year. The crime rate is low and healthcare is incomparable. All the Medical Experts flock here to practice, and they're brilliant. The winters are so pleasant that no one minds the over 100 degree weather during the summers. Everyone here gets around via golf cart and we go virtually anywhere we want to go in Sun City. We have numerous options for retail shopping, medical offices, restaurants, and community centers. There are multiple recreational facilities like The Bell Center, Fairway Center, and Lakeview Center and many more smaller facilities spread throughout the city. They host countless events and activities, like learning about the internet, computers, cell-phones, new technology and social media. Other amenities include 11 championship golf courses, 19 shopping centers, 30 churches and 1 synagogue and the famous Sun Bowl Amphitheater. One of the best things about retiring in-state, is being able to see our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren almost every weekend or holiday, as they all live nearby in the City of Phoenix or Glendale, which is only a 30 minute drive. Sun City has multiple activities to keep you busy. This retirement community was been created by Mr. Dell Webb with activity in mind. Whether you're looking for community events and local recreation centers or you just want to be close to where all the action is, Sun City has everything you could ever need or want. There are also two spring training baseball parks within seven miles of Sun City where you can watch the pros train during the off-season. Sun City is just half a day drive away from the awe inspiring 7th Wonder of the World, the Grand Canyon, and the beautiful, scenic area of Sedona. Lake Pleasant is just a 30 minute drive from Sun City. If my husband and I are not attending one of the computer training classes or enjoying the parks or golf courses, we are enjoying one of the sponsored social events of various groups in one of the neighborhoods here. Whether you're looking for ballroom dancing or you just want to join a fantastic book club, Sun City's various social groups will help you to keep young in both mind, body and soul. OK, so you're retired, but don't let life pass you by and leave you behind. Get with the program, Retire on my Budget has a plan that can help you!


Cincinnati, OH

Reading books I always wanted to read but didn't have time: My late husband Simon and I are Asian Americans. We were born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. We met and married after high school. We worked hard and saved all our life. In the end, it didn’t add up to much. We had children and grandchildren and most of our money was spent putting everyone through school so that they could have a better life. After contacting Retire on my Budget, and talking everything over with my children, I decided that what I really want to do in this chapter of my life story, is to continue living an independent life. A 24 hour retirement center is not for me. I worked hard all my life for this moment (to retire) and I’m not going to spend my final years in an institution for the elderly. So I chose retirement in Mérida, Mexico. Mexico is becoming increasingly popular for retirees like me, and it’s near enough to the US so that family and I can visit one another frequently. Warmer weather, lower cost of living, higher quality of life, and excellent healthcare are just a few of the many reasons why I chose Merida. The first time my late husband and I visited Mérida we fell in love with it. We knew it was the home we were searching for and the new life we wanted to create for ourselves. With the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar, costs in Mexico make life wonderful at very manageable levels. My total cost of living is as follows: My furnished 1-bedroom apartment – $375 / My total utilities – $37 / Entertainment, eating out, tours – $75 / Cost of my Healthcare Plan - $43 / My domestic helper – $65 (She cleans, cooks, does my laundry) / My monthly transportation – $15 (for public transportation) / My groceries – $175 / Miscellaneous expenses of mine usually vary – $75 Total $860 Monthly (Could you do that is the US?) My average monthly Social Security benefit is about $1,300 and I put away $440 into my savings account each month. With all the financial accumulation, I’m doing very well and can afford to do all the things I was never able to do before. There are about 4,000 expats here. I’ve made very good friends here and we are enjoying our retirement together in friendship and with endless activities. Now I’m catching up on all my reading in the local Merida English Library that stocks an extensive collection of books, videos, and tapes in English, and I’m even learning Spanish, which keeps my memory sharp and strong. Merida is much safer than any state in the US right now. I love it here so much I have applied for my permanent resident visa directly. The Mexicans of Mexico appreciate and have great respect for the elderly here. As such, the Mexican government creates special programs that reflect this appreciation and respect. As a Senior and holder of the Discount Card (INAPAM) I get amazing discounts on Medications, Transportation, Movie tickets, Entry to museums, Restaurants, Department stores, Water bills, and much more. High-quality healthcare and medical facilities are available. According to the OECD Mexico has experienced a BIG drop in infant mortality, heart disease, and stroke in recent years, and there is a new state of the art hospital that caters to Americans and foreigners. There are also wonderful dentists here too. Retire on my Budget took all my doubts and fears about retiring and relocating to another country out of my soul. They conducted all the research and provided a wealth of resources and information to make it smooth and easy. I love life here in Merida. The pace is nice and easy, so I have plenty of time to catch up on all the other things I missed out on in life. You won’t feel lonely or homesick here, Mexico has the largest population of U.S. ex-pats anywhere in the world? I discovered from Retire on My Budget that whenever we have joy of life, curiosity, courage, love for people, passion to go to new places or to start new projects, things that younger people are experiencing - we also stay young in heart.


Detroit, MI

Painting: Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, the one time Murder Captial of the USA. Life there was unnerving. As an elementary school teacher of art, struggling to penetrate the minds and intellect of this century's younger generation was a psychologically and emotionally draining labor of love for children and the arts. Retirement from the public school system came as a breath of fresh air into my life. Then tragedy of the worst sort struck my very soul and heart when I became the widow of a fallen hero, a Detroit, Michigan police officer. It made me to be conscious and appreciative of time and to count and conserve every moment; to value every breath as though it were my last and to be grateful of every possible chance. With the service of Retire on My Budget, I saw the opportunity to escape Michigan, the place where I lost the one person I valued most in life, my husband. Retire on My Budget made it possible for me to compare the costs for the battle of the budgets as to where I could make the most of my retirement in the states. I discovered that the answer was not in the states. It would be in.

Sid & Shelly

New York, NY

Singing: “For my husband Sid and I, reigning from the Jazz Mecca of New York City, NY, retirement was never a thought we entertained. For 2 starving jazz musicians like us, retiring in America, was just not feasible. Then we heard about the vast data bank, library and links of the amazing services of Retire on My Budget, and suddenly our dream looked like a pure possibility! Our lives were miraculously transformed by the new hope that we could actually enjoy the rest of our lives, worry and debt free on a very minimal amount of money each month here in the beautiful tropics of the Philippines; 7,100 islands to choose from, and no matter where you go, it's HOME! We really can stretch our USD here and we're living on about 75% less of what it would cost if we had remained in the Big Apple, the Mucho Mega Metropolis of NY, NY. Even healthcare here is about 45% less of what you would spend in Lady Liberty. Through the super awesome service of Retire on My Budget, we found that we could actually afford to live very comfortably on our tiny budget in Southeast Asia, Makati City of the Philippines. Best of all, there is probably no other people in the world that appreciates American music more than the Filipinos or loves to sing more than these kind folks. The Philippines is one of the emerging markets and the 3rd highest in Southeast Asia. Makati City is a safe place. Every place, no matter how big or small has safe security. So here we are, after 35 years of marriage, living a platinum life in paradise, and still singing and making beautiful music together to a fresh new audience. Without the guidance of Retire on My Budget, I don't know if this dream would have ever come true, but it was the best thing we ever did for our marriage and our bank account!”

Dennis & Gloria

Commack, NY

Dancing: “Gloria and I worked hard all our life for this moment. We had it in our minds that this day would come. When it arrived, we hoped we would be alive, together, and healthy. Life can be very unpredictable. Thank Heavens for RETIRE ON MY BUDGET. They take 100% out of the doubts, fears and guesswork when approaching the unknown. They remove 98% of the unpredictability out of the decision making process of retiring. The other 2% they leave in for excitement and adventure! Through their portal we found out the best information and options for us to retire here in the USA. With all the research and details provided by RETIRE ON MY BUDGET, thank you very much, the Mrs and I decided to migrate from the cold winters of Commack, New York to the Sunshine Oasis of Ocala, Florida. We are truly blessed. We had the money, so why not enjoy it right here in the Red, White, and Blue? It's only costing Gloria and I $6000 a month to hang around here. Not bad. This place is one step away from being the 7th Heaven. Florida has all the essential ingredients for happiness; an abundance of SUNSHINE where winter temperatures ranging across the state are from the low 40's in Tallahassee to the low of 60's in the Keys. But no matter where we go here, winters are mild and still have an abundant amount of sun, which helps retirees like us to enjoy the great outdoors each month of the year. FABULOUS WHITE SAND BEACHES: Imagine 1,200 miles of coastline from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Ocean, soft, white sand, gentle breezes, calm shores where we enjoy strolling on the beach, playing in the sand with our grandchildren, water sports or watching dolphins and sea turtles. Our grandchildren love to come here once a year, sometimes twice. When they come to visit – which you can be sure they will; we spend vacations either at the beach the nature preserves, museums or the Happiest Place on Earth, Florida's very own DISNEY WORLD! Retirees will love the ACTIVE LIFESTYLE of Florida which offers never ending possibilities of outdoor opportunities. Explore the Everglades National Park. Go deep diving with manatees at Crystal River. See amazing coral formations at Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary. Take part in a horseback expedition of Amelia Island. FSpend the day hiking, surfing, running, swimming, and more. We are the new COOL GENERATION of retirees who believe life is to be lived to the fullest and not squandered away. I know some won't agree with me. That's ok, I was like that before, until I tasted the GOOD LIFE. Now I live an ACTIVE LIFESTYLE in an active adult community! Besides the great SOCIAL LIFE I enjoy here. Florida also has all the TAX BREAKS FOR SENIORS. Florida is tax-friendly for retirees and retiring in Florida means that you will get to keep more of your retirement income for things you love to do. There is no state income tax in Florida and no tax on retirement income; Social Security benefits, Pensions etc. There are no estate or inheritance taxes, and property taxes are truly reasonable, making the Florida financially appealing to seniors looking to save their money for more enjoyable activities. My wife and I are living a more youthful life now than when we were young! There is so much ART & CULTURE here. Florida offers residents an international experience while staying right here in the USA. Finally, They have all the best Airports here, everywhere in Florida, so seniors can travel nationally or internationally anytime they want, and our kids and grand kids can come here or we can go to them in just a couple of hours. Last, HEALTH CARE: Retiring in Florida brings instant access to world famous high-quality health services and medical care. The high concentration of seniors in this state has brought some of the world's best geriatric professionals to our state, giving seniors some of the best medical care in the world. So, while we are here in Florida, Gloria and I will dance ourselves all the way to Heaven. Thank you RETIRE ON MY BUDGET!”

Skip & Sandra

Seattle, WA

Retire on My Budget has a smart and 'cool' plan for everyone, irregardless of your budget. Whether you can afford to retire at the top of the crop or middle of the line, or you have to watch every dollar carefully, they have a perfect plan for everyone. The Retire on My Budget plans will help you navigate the best people, prices, places to live, and the BEST QUALITY of LIFE for YOU! My husband Skipper and I decided after 40+ years in the real estate business to find a place where there are people who share the same zest and zeal for life, love for the beach, fine dining, music and dancing and adventurous, exotic exploration of the tropics. That's our group! Our birth certificate puts a number on us, but not for my husband and me. We have decided, 'You can die old or live young.' We chose the latter, and we're 'cooler' for it. The affordable plans and the technologically advanced data systems and networking of the Retire on My Budget platform were on our side when it analyzed that for a couple of socialites like my Skipper and me, it was Paia, Maui, Hawaii. Maui has won Conde Nast’s Best Island Award 19 times. The town of Paia is a great place. It’s a charming little town that hasn't been taken over by tourists. There are an amazing amount of great restaurants, interesting shops and art galleries. The beaches are within walking distance of practically everywhere in Paia, and you will also run into Willie Nelson from time to time who is often at Paia at the local saloon. Mana Foods, which is the islands best natural food market reigns here with fresh, organic, healthy produce. Costs on everything in Hawaii is higher; Housing, Insurance, Groceries, Fuel, Electricity, Water Bills, and basically, everything. Why? Because people will pay any price to live in such a wonderful place as Hawaii. If you have medical concerns, there is an excellent Urgent Care Clinic nearby in Kahului. As for safety for seniors, the place is relatively safe, and we have never been a victim of any crime. Many friends our age live here, we have a lot in common and we get together often. There's never a dull moment and we have never regretted coming here. Our kids are adults now, with lives and children of their own back in Seattle, and we see them once a year as they prefer to vacation in this sublime oasis of Hawaii. If you have the money, this is the perfect place to take root and call home.

Daniel & Mary

Cleveland, OH

Join the New Cool Generation: Our children and grandchildren got together and had a “family” meeting “without” my husband Daniel and me, to decide our future for us. They concluded that they each would contribute a little money and then conveniently put away my husband and me in a retirement home for senior citizens. Many retirees like my husband and I cannot survive on a limited retirement from SSI here in the big American city of Cleveland. We said, “No way and no thank you!” We objected to their human storage proposal and now we wake up every morning and walk the peaceful beaches of La Paloma, Uruguay thanks to the people project of Retire on my Budget! Healthcare, medications, groceries, rent, transportation, EVERYTHING is more affordable here. We could never live the good life we're living now anywhere in America. We feel safer and more secure here than in the USA. Especially right now! Uruguay is a politically, economically, and socially stable and secure country. There is a less economic disparity here. Uruguayan people are famous for their inclusiveness and we feel very welcomed. We were amazed that young people actually seem to be looking out for our well-being as senior citizens. They even stand up and offer us their seat if we ride the bus. No one feels like a stranger in Uruguay. Friendships and relationships are more important than schedules in Uruguay and we never feel lonely or in danger.

Ben & Nancy

Los Angeles, CA

Affordable healthcare: Bottom line for many of us seniors who are of the conservative mind set, is AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE, and Retire on My Budget has all the data, stats and expert connections to show you the best places to retire if affordable health care is your concern. Enjoying life in Meridian, Mexico


Akron, OH

Playing Cards with Friends: After my wife passed, my children and grandchildren saw me wasting away in Ohio. About a year later, they recommended I should retire from our local trucking company. I replied, ‘How can I retire on my budget?’ So my daughter 'Googled it,' and came up with the perfect solution and Plan, Retire on My Budget. I thought it was financially not possible, but Plan #3 of the program showed me where and what was the best place for me. It turned out to be the Peach State of Georgia, right here in the good ole’ USA. In terms of taxation Georgia does not tax social security for retirees. For those 65 and older, the state also provides a $65,000 deduction per person on all types of retirement income. This place really is a Peach among all the other States of the Union. I have access to some of the very best medical centers in America. Recreational opportunities are never ending. The other retirees here are so kind. Whenever they see that I’m 'going it alone again,' and I feel blue about missing Hazel, they’ll say, ‘Where’s Richard? Why hasn’t he been around? Then they come fetch me out of my arm chair, for a few rounds of cards, or dining out, or taking in some music and I feel free and happy again. The area where I live is secure and safe, and there’s a lot of entertainment, shopping and resteraunts to choose from. The beach of Waycross, Georgia provides a nice weekend experience to relive and contemplate the beautiful memories of my wife Hazel. Austell, Georgia gives one access to high-quality healthcare centers. The coffee and the roses of Thomasville, Georgia are unforgettable. If you love museums and trains, Jesup, Georgia is a great place to retire. Most of my new friends are from Jesup. Over 30% of the population is over the age of 62, and we understand one another very well. Fayetteville, Georgia has a crime rate that keeps decreasing and decreasing every year. So retirees love Fayeteville. Lot of retirees like Marietta, Georgia, which is a great place with excellent schools for raising children. Most of my kids and grand-kids love it here and by and by they are moving to Marietta. Until they all relocate, well, Ohio is just a hop-skip-and a jump away from to Akron-Canton Regional Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for just a little over $300 so that family and friends can keep in touch. Let’s not forget Athens, Georgia, home of my favorite college football team, the Georgia Bulldogs! GO AHEAD AND LET THE DOGS OUT! Decatur, Georgia, with the Decatur Arts Festival and the BBQ Blues, and the Bluegrass Fest, and the super low crime rates makes it very tempting for seniors to settle there. Who will ever forget Savannah, Georgia, a perfect city for retirees with breathtaking beaches, fishing, water-sports, golfing, breweries, arts & crafts, historic museums and good ‘ole wholesome family fun. My friends here never let me sink into the blues. I fell asleep in my hammock after lunch one Saturday afternoon. It was there on the porch. I woke up briefly, and thought I saw my Hazel sitting on the steps facing me. She said, ‘Richard, I just want to see you smile again. Please live on, and take your time, I’ll wait for you here.’ I know I was just dreaming, but, I took it as good advice. So here I’m, taking my time, living day by day in Stone Mountain, Georgia. If you want to be active in your retirement, then look no further than Stone Mountain Park. We have all the stuff I love here: camping, hiking, festivals and over 3,000 acres of natural breathtaking beauty. The cost of living is very reasonable considering the obvious benefits of Stone Mountain. Rents here are $600 and less each month. If that’s enough for you to fall in love, our expensive neighbor, Florida is right next door. You may be wondering, ‘Richard, how do you know all of this?’ Well, of course, I learned it all from the best experts at Retire on My Budget.

Motty & Deborah

Baltimore, MD

The Sabbath, Keeping Kosher, Retaining Jewish Identity: For those of us on a fixed income after retirement, the more obvious concerns come into play, like ‘what am I going to do for healthcare and medication at my age,' and ‘what about lifestyle, affordability and quality of life?' But there's another factor that comes into play. The Spiritual Component. Jewish people from all sectors of life, whether linked or not linked to religious observance, feel a strong commitment to maintain our Jewish identity, no matter where we roam in the world, most especially when we have children and grandchildren. Connection to Jewish continuity is paramount. So for my wife Deborah and me, it was very important that wherever we retire it had to be near a Rabbi, a Synagogue, and a Kosher Deli. Having a few Jewish friends would also be nice for the sake of ‘commonality and familiarity.' So Retire On My Budget really helped my wife and I make the right choice. The program hooked us up with all the right connections to make it happen for us. Thanks to Retire On My Budget we were able to make an informed decision with all the logistics in place. Mexico is for us! Beautiful oceans, clear tropical lakes, fertile and majestic mountains, small towns and sophisticated cities. We live in a clifftop villa with beautiful dusk to dawn views and cool, fresh breezes. We found our dream home in Mexico. The cost of living is notoriously low. There are many places in the country where a wonderful life can be had for the price of one monthly Social Security check. The exchange rate is excellent when you figure dollars to pesos. Once residency is granted, you can sign up for a national healthcare plan with no restrictions for participation. All expats with residency visas may participate. It's all inclusive. Seniors also receive many discounts on goods and services, often ranging from 10% to 20%. The locals really make new-comers feel warmly welcomed here, I'm in love with the Spanish language and culture, and I am relatively near to the Synagogue, Rabbi, and a Kosher Deli. We reside in a place where there are many retirees from the USA who are happy and friendly and we all spend time together doing the things we love to do. The place we live has significantly less crime, less pollution than Baltimore. The quality of life is much better, costing only $1,500 a month. We don't have to shovel snow and pay outrageous heating bills. We're eating fresh, healthy foods, playing sports, and our adult children along with our grandchildren love to escape Baltimore once and twice a year to come here and spend time having fun with us on the beach and eating authentic, delicious, Mexican Cuisine! Our life in Mexico is SUPERNAL and so is the service that membership with Retire On My Budget provides. Try it, you won't regret it - DISCOVER THE WORLD!